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Fast Fade - Rapid Pigment Erasing Cube with Kojic Acid

  • Fast acting hyperpigmentation erradicator.


    Your one stop shop pigment erasing cleansing cube. Gone are the days of waiting months on end for post acne marks to finally fade. Our rapid acting cleansing cube is fortified with Kojic Acid, Turmeric, Honey & Vitamin E Oil for maximum dark spot fading powers. The silky smooth lather feels luxurious to the touch and doesn't strip your skin or cause irritation. It can be left on as a mask or washed off within 3-5 minutes as a cleanser. 



    • Nourishing combination of ingredients helps soften the skin as well as treat uneven areas of pigmentation
    • Fast acting and specifically targets problem areas 
    • Won't dry out or irritate the skin