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A glazing hydrating moisture locking serum like no other. The latest addition to the Glow collection is everything you need in a hydrating serum. Calming, soothing, restoring, rebalancing and locks in moisture 10 x more than your average serum thanks to our superstar ingredient Beta Glucan. This nutrient packed, peptide rich treatment will have you looking intensely dewy and hydrated - any time, any day!

Glow Glaze - Intensely Dewy + Hydrating Moisture Locking Serum With Oat Peptides

  • Supercharged like the rest of our Glow Collection, but with a dewy serum twist.  This moisture locking light weight serum promises instant  glass like skin at any time of the day. Glides onto the skin seemlessly, creating a gorgeous and immediate look of glowy nourished skin. Calm breakouts with the soothing Oat Beta Glucan whilst simultaneously treating dry and dull skin. Your all in one instant hydrator is here.