The Phoenix Collection takes its inspiration from the mythalogical Phoenix creature, that stands for rebirth, revitalisation, and renewal. The collection encourages your skin to renew and refresh by slowly shedding your dead unwanted skin cells, digging deep to reveal its true essence and finally encouraging permanent healing. Your skin is your biggest organ and requires the most upkeep and caring. We encourage you to find the Phoenix in you... and rise from the ashes. 

Phoenix Essence

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  • Phoenix Essence is a multitasking ceramide oil serum that works to radically improve skins complexion and appearance, by revitalising the surface of the skin, boosting cell renewal, giving it an improved quality, texture and bounce. It is packed full of ingredients that not only protect the skin from harmful environmental factors, but also help revitalise the true essence and potential of your skins radiant complexion.

    Ingredients: Olive Squalane Oil, Black Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Licquorice Root.