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Kiss goodbye to hyperpigmented uneven skin. Tranexamic Acid is a legendary gold standard hyperpigmentation fighting brightener and in our new groundbreaking professional strength serum FAST FADE, we TRIPLE up its strength with Niacinamide, Licorice Root and Lactic Acid for a triple even tone enhancing effect. This product is formulated to pair perfectly with our FAST FADE product line, after cleansing with our soap formulated with Kojic Acid, use FAST FADE serum and then FAST FADE oil with THD Ascorbate Vitamin C.

Fast Fade - Professional strength even tone treatment with Tranexamic Acid

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  • A groundbreaking professional strength serum that promises to combat severly hyperpigmentated and uneven skin. Tranexamic Acid acts with Niacinamide and Lactic Acid to buff away dead overpigmented skin derived from acne scarring or sun damage and reveals brighter smoother skin. Glycerin gently moisturises and smooths the problem areas to make pores appear smaller and more refined. These excess melanin inhibitors,  target problem areas and eradicates them - FAST!